Idanim Technologies Ltd

Idanim Technologies Ltd. is a global leader specializing in designing, developing and marketing advanced solutions perfectly meeting customers’ needs in various industries with demand of labels/tags, printing ribbons, adhesive tapes, shrinking sleeves, cable related products and assembly

Established approximately 4 years ago by one of the most renown and creative people in the field, CEO Eyal Sidi has over 20 years of experience. Today the company has more than 350 customers worldwide including leading Hi-Tech, Agriculture, Electronics, Medical, Military companies and is an official supplier to The Ministry of Defense.

At the core of Idanim Technologies Ltd. that has an ISO standard, stands its extensive experienced R&D department that succeeds time and again in providing unique and exclusive solutions. Thinking out of the box while using a range of materials brings remarkable results enabling it to improve its customer’s production processes while reducing costs.  

The company’s national success was a substantial upgrade paving the way to become a global exporter. The company became a field leader due to its capabilities, proven track record and original solutions. Today, Idanim Technologies Ltd. exports a range of labels meeting the highest standards and regulations perfectly designed to its customers’ needs in several countries around the world.

Advanced advantages

Price commitment:

Idanim Technologies Ltd. creates close and full collaborations with all its clients as it aspires to provide products of the highest quality. By deeper understanding each client’s activity it continuously creates custom made solutions that improve productions methods while cutting expenses.     


A man of solutions:

CEO, Eyal Sedi has more than 20 years of experience in this field as is known as one of its most creative individuals. His knowledge, practice and involvement in the R&D department create a unique mix providing time and again successful solutions.   


International production:

Idanim Technologies Ltd. is an expert in planning, developing, producing and delivering advanced solutions in the field of labels/tags, printing ribbons, adhesive tapes, shrinking sleeves, cable related products and assembly, as well as an international exporter. It paved its way into the international market due to its proven capabilities and original solutions establishing it as one of the fields’ most advanced companies. 


With more than 20 years of experience he is one of the most notable figures in the industry. Today, the company has over 350 clients in various industries such as: High-Tech, agriculture, electronics, medical as well as military and security, as it is a recognized supplier for The Ministry of Defense.