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Network sleeves:

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its customers with advanced fireproof network sleeves that withstand all UL regulatory rules and standards. The top quality extinguishing sleeves are designed to bind the wires and protect them under all circumstances and harsh conditions. They arrive in all standard sizes or custom made and can be supplied in various colors and with a zipper or scotch. 

Wrapping sleeves

These sleeves withstand all UL regulations and standards and are designed to bind Polyethylene or Polypropylene wires and cables. The sleeves come in a standard size of 3-30mm or custom made.   

Spiral wrapping tubes

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its customers with a variety of spiral wrapping tubes designed to bind large amounts of wires and cables, protect them and even be reused. The tubes withstand UL regulatory rules and standards. 

Fiberglass sleeves

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its many customers with low voltage and heat resistance fiberglass sleeves. They are made of extinguishing, flexible, expandable, protect from erosion and scrape material and withstand UL regulatory.

Shrinking sleeves

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides custom made shrinking sleeves in a variety of colors and sizes that shrink up to 6 times and withstand UL regulatory.

Printing sleeves

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its customers with MIL, UL regulatory durable white or yellow printing sleeves that shrink up to 3 times. The sleeves arrive in 30 meter rolls or in TMS form containing 250 units per package. It is possible to provide proportional TMS to save time and waste of raw material. The sleeves in all sizes have a variety of aviation, aerospace, military, energy and industry application and are suited for printing and kits.


ATUM adhesive sleeves

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its customers with adhesive sleeves designates for electric application that require perfect sealing. The sleeves withstand the MIL & UL industry harsh regulatory rules and are used for sealing carriage connectors and repairing damaged cables. They all have an adhesive coating that melts by heat creating for assuring a perfect seal.  


Adhesive sleeve for split cables

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its customers adhesive sleeves that withstand MIL & UL regulatory rules designed for split cables in various shapes and sizes. The shrink temperature is between 110 ° C – 130 ° C enabling simultaneous use of large numbers of cables in different sizes.