Automated labels

Automated labels

As a significant partner to some of Israel’s’ leading Hi-Tech companies Idanim Technologies Ltd. specializes in label production (Kapton, Polyester etc.) to be placed automatically on PCB. All durable labels are designed to withstand temperatures of 300 degrees, to save time, manpower and cost while improving accuracy on the production lines perfectly meeting specific needs. To meet exactly customers’ requirements the best raw materials are used such as: Kapton. Polyester, Vinyl etc. that are printed on matching ink sheets enabling high quality durable printing.  

Automation advantages:

  • Accuracy and speed
  • saving costs and manpower
  • Streamlining work procedures.
  • Option range for labels size.
  • Withstanding standards and regulations

PCB Labels

Marking PCB requires high quality and durable labels designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. Idanim Technologies Ltd. produces on a regular basis custom made labels presenting a wide spread of solutions to its many Hi-Tech customers while the label arrangement enables manual and automatic identification, which is an important part increasing the amount of data and readability on production lines.

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Advanced Masking Labels

High quality and creative solutions are frequently required for several PCB procedures in order to protect it, its components and other parts. Idanim Technologies Ltd. holds a large stock of labels and masking ribbons in a range of adhesives, thickness and durability to different temperatures furthermore, it can produce them if needed according to customers’ needs.


Cable Labels

Identification measures are important for every organization where lines and network exists as one incorrect marking or unidentified cable may cause many problems. Idanim Technologies Ltd. specializes in planning, developing and producing advanced and exceptionally durable identification measures.

Identification measures have two categories: 

Self-laminated cable labels – These labels are designed to withstand harsh conditions and high temperatures on cables, wires and antennas while they can easily be wrapped around cables as the information on them is visible and traceable. Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides labels in all sizes and colors depending on the cables’ diameter.  


Pennants cable labels are produces form unique nylon fabric or synthetic materiel when the difference is their purpose. Nylon fabric labels are perfect for curved flexible surfaces as synthetic labels are durable to chemicals, harsh conditions and wear.         


Safety & identification labels

Idanim Technologies Ltd. specializes in planning and manufacturing safety & identification labels designed to protect the clients’ trade mark as well as the authenticity of his products, while preventing forgery and helping keep his name and quality of products. The solvent durable labels are designed to be used on external or internal surfaces and withstanding harsh conditions. They are made of a unique vinyl materiel, Polyester or Pole carbonate depending on customers’ requirements.



Idanim Technologies Ltd. characterizes and markets custom made ribbons (ink sheets) on demand for its many clients in various industries, perfectly matching the labels’ substances. There are 3 types of ribbons:

  • RESIN – Printable ribbons for Polyester, Polyamide, PVC, Polypropylene labels that are used for different applications and that withstand harsh environments.
  • WAX – A ribbon perfect for printing on all paper labels.
  • WAX/RESIN – A ribbon perfect for printing on PVC & Polyester, as the greatest advantage of WAS/RESIN is its high quality. For example it is possible to print on cable labels.

Adhesive Tapes

danim Technologies Ltd. specializes in marketing adhesive tapes to a variety of companies and industries. The top quality adhesive tapes it provides come in different sizes for: BOPP LOW, MASKING TAPE, NOICE/NOICE and more. The company customizes the adhesive tapes to the customers’ needs so the rollers can be Die cut according to preordained measures and width ranging from 1/4 to 48″. In addition there is a possibility to receive the adhesive tapes cut according to customers’ demands – Die cut. 

Products include:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Polyester.
  • Kapton
  • Polyethylene
  • Fiberglass aluminum
  • Fabric ribbons
  • Crepe 


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