In a dynamic area such as logistic warehouses there is great importance in proper marking and labeling products, shelves and various signs. The marking measures have to be top quality, durable, adjusted to different environments according to their use and location. 

Idanim Technologies Ltd. is an expert printer and producer of durable labels for the various logistic applications. Due to its innovative, custom made solutions and ideas, it is able to provide its clients varied needs, making the company a leading figure in this field.   

The company produces many location labels that are designed to be affixed for shelves, a variety of means of signage such as smooth or printed PVC, aluminum and more. In addition it has an inventory of raw materials made of various adhesives in varying thickness, all ready to match the clients’ needs.

Idanim Technologies Ltd. has strived for day one to collaborate with its many clients, improving their manufacturing process while helping them benefit in the short and long term. This line of action made the company a highly demanded one, as clients regard her as a true partner. If you want to benefit from its top quality services and fair conduct, now is the time to reach out  

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