danim Technologies Ltd. is a recognized supplier and operates with according to its own price list from The Ministry of Defense as the company contains 77 SKU’s for the military. The company operates in two major areas:

The first area regards regularly producing durable labels to withstand harsh environmental conditions. In addition it characterizes raw materials and adhesives matching specific requirements and demands. Today, the company continually provides durable labels for various military units.

The second area the company operates closely with The Ministry of Defense is in the field of binding means. Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides shrinking sleeves, printing sleeves, ATUM, net sleeves, metal shielding DR sleeves at attractive prices. The company has available stocks of all sorts of sleeves as well as a variety of shielding ribbons, isolation ribbons, and heat dissipation ribbons in designated sizes. Therefore it has the fastest delivery time in the market.

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