We provide innovative solutions in time

Idanim Technologies Ltd. has become a highly demanded company as it is an international manufacturer specializing in creating original and innovating customized solutions. Its field of expertise incudes labels/tags, printing ribbons, adhesive tapes, cable related products and assembly for Hi-Tech, Military, Electronic, Agriculture and Civilian applications

Who we are

Idanim Technologies Ltd. excels in providing original solutions for labels/tags, printing ribbons and more, making it a highly demanded global manufacturer and supplier. Its wide spread solutions and application are custom made for Hi-Tech, Agriculture, Electronics, Medical, and Military companies and include labels/tags, printing ribbons, adhesive tapes, shrinking sleeves, cable related products and assembly.

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Our advantages

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Price commitment

Improving productions process while reducing costs.

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A solution company

A creative and professional team.

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International production

Global innovative solutions in time.

Identification Solutions

Today, identification solutions cover all local and global industry areas. It includes Hi-Tech, Medical, Security, Retail companies and even agriculture where seeds, plants and trees need to be identified. When characterizing identification products it is important to consider the product or adhesive type, how it’s used, the raw materials, durability, temperature etc. Idanim Technologies Ltd. specializes in characterizing, producing and providing top quality raw materials to many Israeli companies. All labels are custom made and undergo a rigorous testing process to meet the highest standards, regulations and ISO the company is committed to.

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Cutting & processing
flexible materials

Idanim Technologies Ltd. specializes in planning and manufacturing flexible, isolating, thermal conducting and sealing materials for all industries. As a company dedicated to providing the best all-around services, it is able to cut materials such as: Poron, Silicone materials, sponges, pads, Gaskets and more, according to customers’ demand with adhesive. 

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Printing Technology

Idanim Technologies Ltd. provides its many customers in various industries an all-around service with custom made solutions for the label and identification field. A major function is its ability to provide high quality and advanced printers with 200, 300, 600 DPI capabilities for products and packaging labels and identification. The company can precisely provide printers that personally meet their needs according to the customers’ activity area and production line.

Electronics & Hi Tech

In a world that demands precision, accuracy and attention to the smallest details as well as the largest ones, where companies are extremely picky about their suppliers, Idanim Technologies Ltd. has positioned itself as leading supplier. This was achieved by remarkable qualities alongside unique solutions for all customers.


The Ministry of Defense is extremely strict in regard of suppliers and companies it collaborates with. In spite of the fact that Idanim Technologies Ltd. was established 4 years ago, it’s phenomenal success has made it not only a highly demanded company but also a recognized supplier that operates according to its own price list from The Ministry of Defense as the company contains 77 SKU’s for the military.